Project News


2nd January - Systems Accountant Joins Project Team

Olivia Lloyd has joined the Wagga Once Project Team, focusing on the Finance function of Once and in particular the CeFMS. Olivia joins the team with accounting and administrative management experience at a number of previous workplaces.

Olivia will begin the process of configuring the CeFMS and migrating CSO into the new financial system, before beginning the work of migrating schools into the new system.


4th November 2017 - First Compass Feature Video loaded - News Feed

To try and highlight some of the features of the Compass system, the project team will be making short videos highlighting the features. The first video has been uploaded and focuses on the News Feed feature of the system, used for communicating with Students, Parents and Staff. Videos can be found on the CeSIS Videos page.

19th October 2017 - Once Compass Specialist Role Advertised

The second of the specialist project roles, focusing on the Student Information System and school processes, has been advertised. This is a role for an Educator. See Details on or the full application pack is available from here.

17th October 2017 - First Project Steering Committee Meeting

One of the first steps in formally kicking off the Wagga Project is the establishment of a Project Steering Committee. Through invitation from the director, the Wagga Steering Committee has been formed and met on 17th October to be inducted into the project and gain a deeper understanding of the systems involved and the transformation of processes and practices that are possible.

The Wagga Steering Committee provides governance to the project and assists the project team in completing the project.

5th October 2017 - Once Finance Specialist Role Advertised

The first of the specialist project roles, focusing on Finance, has been advertised. See Details on or the full application pack is available from here.

5th June 2017 - Wagga Project Manager Appointed

A project manager has been appointed to the Wagga Once project. Tim Cooper has commenced in the role and will begin on 19th June, 2017. A project team will be created once Tim has reviewed the scope of the project, visited other diocese piloting the CeSIS and created a project governance structure.

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